why iRun

“I always loved running…it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.” – Jesse Owens

within the past month or so my view of running have shifted dramatically. i’ve never been a “runner” or anything of the like. i ran in soccer and for a short period of time i was in track, for God knows why, because i hated it. i was a sprinter but on days when we had to go on long runs, a girlfriend and i would cut out once we got by the mall and eat nacho taco salads. oops. not for me. it wasn’t my idea of a good time. throughout the years i have enjoyed walking for exercise. and my walks are power walks. i walk with purpose and conviction. ain’t no stoppin’ this girl. you just gotta keep up!

moving to the uptown area has been amazing for many reasons, the first of which is the activeness of the area. this town is booming with walkers/runners/people on a mission; we were even on the list of the top 10 most walkable cities. woot woot minneapolis. in uptown specifically we are in extremely close proximity to 3 lakes: harriet, calhoun and of the isles. they each have their own charm and beauty. my current lake of choice is lake of the isles. reasons for this:

  1. not as busy as the others
  2. loopiness; calhoun and harriet are more circly in nature. i like the twist and turns
  3. technically the closest to our place
after we got settled in i tried to make it a priority to walk every afternoon after work. it feels good to be active and work out my stress. one day i was worried that my iTouch would die and i really just wanted to get a walk in. so i decided, “hey, how bout i try running?” so i did. and it was great. i felt a little sore the next day and i loved it. and so started my routine and new enjoyment. about 3 times per week i “run” the lake. i’m no marathon runner yet but i do alright. i’m still getting into great shape so i mix up walk/run. walk one song, run another. today was a step up on the ladder where i walked a song then ran 2. woah! the other evening on my run i had a bit of a revelation and realized many things. i connected a lot of aspects of running with life. (deep i know- but i’ll keep it as light as i can) its true though and it really made sense for me.
  • to begin you have to make the decision to try: i wasn’t sure that afternoon that i decided to run how it would go over. but i decided to give it a go. if you don’t give something a shot you will never know. whats the worst that could happen? i could have looked like an out-of-shape idiot. think i could have made it through that.
  • you have to work at it: if i had ran that one afternoon, and then never ran again for a couple weeks and tried again i would probably be frustrated that it wasn’t super easy. one run does not a runner make. if you want to really be good at something you have to commit to it and make a real honest effort.
  • its all about your attitude: some days i am tired from a long day at work and the thought of running in the heat doesn’t necessarily get me jazzed. but i want to keep in shape and some days will be harder than others. but if i make the choice to suck it up and lace up my shoes and head out the door with a positive mindset, but the time i get home i will be in a better mood AND proud of myself for doing something i didn’t necessarily care to do. as a sidenote: smiling while running has been proven to help make the experience seem easier – try it!
  • you can’t compare yourself to everyone else: while its great to use the uber in shape peeps of the uptown area as motivation to get this butt out and about i cannot get frustrated when they lap me one (or two, yes its happened) times. i’m not on there level and that’s ok. comparing yourself to everyone around you and getting mad that you are not exactly where they are is a useless path. you are you.
  • there will be annoying people in your path: these people should realize that they cannot take up the entire path. its rude and unfair to the people around you. GET OUT THE WAY! take matters in to your own hands, find a way around them and move on.
  • if you look good – you’ll feel good:  when i feel good about how i look i feel a higher sense of confidence. when my working out routine started i splurged a little on some new way cute workout clothes. it makes me excited to get dressed to go work out and helps me feel good while doing it. BAM!
  • it’s all about Y-O-U!: for a control freak like this girl, there are many positives to running because it is an individualist sport. you get to empower yourself. go at your own pace, on your own path, whatever you want to do. i can spend sometime with me. just me and my hip-hop. every step that pounds the pavement the strength builds. one step closer the the finish line. just when i think i have to stop i can scrounge up all that’s in me and push myself forward. and when you finish or make any little achievement you can feel proud of yourself. because you did it.

that’s why iRun. because iLoveit. it was great to realize why it is i love it because it only builds the passion i have for it. what is it that you love? why do you do it? think about it…

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