the pebble beach experience

what a whirlwind of a month. deep breath and *exhale* ok. so. have i ever mentioned how much i love my job? well i do. i will do a back story on how i got here another time, but it’s been a wonderfully fantastic job that has allowed me the kind of experience that a 22 year old recent college grad does not usually get blessed with. in the past three months i have traveled to boca raton, FL; dallas, TX; and most recently pebble beach, CA. each trip i learn new things about our company, our customers, and business in general. invaluable experience. and the locations are not shabby either. my dad was extremely jealous that i got to go to pebble; and i don’t even golf. (shhh) but the views were absolutely breathtaking. and they never get old. the people are fabulous and they are most definitely, as my brother would say, “drinking miller; cause they are living the high life.” a wonderfully exhausting fantastic experience. i’m too tired to explain more; so i’ll let the pictures do the talking…





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