kickin’ it old school: sweet sixteen

my little  brother turned sixteen yesterday. so crazy. he still seems so little to me! it made me think back to when i turned sixteen. (about 6 and a half years ago). its funny how old you feel at the time; especially once your get the keys to the car in your hand. but looking back now; wow. so young and so much to learn. not to get bragadocious, but i did have a pretty spectacular sixteenth birthday, nothing MTV worthy, but it was pretty great.

my day started with my locker being decorated with signs and pictures; kelli and i

the girls and i at lunch :)

me and ‘baby’ which would eventually become my car. 1987 honda civic. no cup holders, tape/cd player, or cruise control. classic.

after dinner with the fam i drove over to my best friend Amanda’s house. attractive, eh?

my mom had promised me long ago that when i turned 16 we would do glamour shots at the Mall of America, and she made good on her promise. this is one of the pics. it was so much fun!

mom and i after getting all glammed up. right before eating at what still is my favorite restaurant; tucci bennuch

 that night my amazing friends threw me a surprise party. something i had always wanted and i was legit surprised. AMAZING! Amanda and i cutting my birthday cake 
me with my birthday crown and sweet ‘pimp’ coat. oh, sixteen…

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