[2011] roundup: a year of changes and growth

201…, you have come and gone. you were full of excitement, changes, heartbreak, adventures, love, friendship, travels, independence, beauty, family, tears, smiles, laughter, and all emotions possible. it was a year of changes. a year to remember. a grew from a college student, to a working girl. and i loved every minute of it. cheers to 2012, i cannot wait to see what’s in store!


1 year blogiversary of my first blog, tales of a girl ((emma))

celebrated the wedding of a family friend


Spent spring break with my mom in NYC! a trip i will never forget!


Moved my very first apartment!

Graduated from Concordia!

and spoke and my commencement

Double dueces birthday!

Started this blog :)))


Was part of a FLASH MOB!


enjoyed living right by lake calhoun

hand many fun times out and about :)


Had a lovely visit from my cousins from Michigan!

spent another crazy week in Boca Raton for our User Conference!

was asked to be the personal attendant for the wedding of 2 of my best friends ever :)


Carters first ever state fair experience

First solo business trip to Dallas, TX


started my Market America adventure!

solo business trip #2 to one of the most gorgeous locations ever; pebble beach, CA

carter’s confirmation


3rd annual emma and dad day!

FINALLY, became an official, legit, real PeopleNet employee. WOOT!

rang in the new year with the fam <3 (minus carter)

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