holiday eats {kringla}

i have never found a good kringla recipe out there, so i wanted to share my family’s. kringla is one of my absolute favorite holiday treats and also one that many people have never heard of… at least those who don’t live in southern minnesota. it’s a Scandinavian pastry and a nordic variety of the pretzle, which is quite evident in it’s shape. it’s sweet with a hint of almond. light and fluffy. and my mom and i have been making kringla for the holidays for a long time. it’s a little bit of a tradition. i’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest of treats to make. however, i can do it, so i have faith in all of you. the trickiness lies in the rolling. it takes a few times to get the hang of it, but take heart friends, you will get it. and will reap the delicious rewards of your labor. (it helps to play christmas music and wear a festive apron… just saying.) below are some photographic evidence and examples of how to make kringla. as well as a short video for your viewing enjoyment. :) and with this, i get to cross one of my “to-do’s” off my christmas list! boom.


Momma Dahl’s Kringla Recipe

Kringla Ingredients

my festive holiday apron :)

Mixing up the batter

Skip the tools, manual mixing is necessary.

thumbs up for baking

teaching brandon to make kringla :)

it’s Kringla time.


start with a ball, turn it in to a rope, form the kringla.

Kingla = accomplished.

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