gather up your scattered dreams & build a life you love ((goals and intentions))

2014 goals and intentionsa new year is a great time to take a look at where you’ve been and where you want to go. a couple of weeks ago i posted the review of how my 2013 goals and intentions panned out and thus it is time to formally announce my plans for 2014 . i really enjoy the idea of setting plans for the coming year, but have much grief with “resolutions” because they are so black and white. and because of that they are easy to just give up on the one time you “break” your resolution. i fancy goals and intentions because they are flexible, adjustable, and open to changing as life changes. this is going to be a year of focusing on overall health, wellness and happiness…

healthy living

overall i just want to keep being active and continue to be more aware of what i’m putting into my body. no diets, no programs; just clean eating and good ‘ol fashioned exercise.

  • continue going to the gym at least 12 times/ month
    • shift to running outside when if spring ever comes
  • run Goldy’s 10 Mile & the Color Run 5K
  • find a half marathon and complete it in >2 hours
  • strive to get more steps daily thanks to my fitbit flex
  • get my wellness fx assessment

growing my smarts

i love to learn. for reals. it is something i miss about being in school. though it’s not the right time for me to head back to grad school (yet) i want to be sure i’m always growing and expanding my horizons in new ways.

  • read 4 books; my mom and i are starting our own little book club. though i love to read it gets easy to put it off so this way we’ll be held accountable. our first book is, i thought it was just me; women reclaiming power and courage in a culture of shame.
  • go to a wine tasting and become more educated on how to pair it with meals (i mean any reason to drink more wine is a good goal, right?)
  • brandon and i are taking a cooking class later this month at local d’lish on vegan cooking – while we aren’t vegan, it should be a fun time and hopefully teach us (me) some things

social media diva

my blog is one of my favorite things. i love coming up with an idea for a post, and feeling so accomplished once its finished. it gives me pride and happiness. and yet, it’s what gets the shaft when life gets busy. i want to carve out time each week to blog or do social media diva related tasks.

  • rock out my presentation on Unleashing the Power of Social Media at EXHIBITOR2014 & the EXHIBITOR FastTrak
  • attend my first social media/ blogging conference, Go Blog Social (my ticket is officially purchased!)
  • post no fewer than 3 times per month on my blog
  • continue defining my personal brand, “social emma”

full of thanks and grace and love

likely the most important goal for this year is to practice thanks, grace and love everyday; towards myself, towards others, towards my job, towards my hobbies, towards the world. deep, i know. i want to be present and enjoy all the blessings i am given each day. with my anxiety, i tend to live in either the past, the future or the what if. this year is already filled with amazing experiences and opportunities and adventures and i know that list will only continue to grow. i want to be there and truly enjoy each moment.

  • i purchased an app last year called day one – it’s like a daily journal. what i like about it is that you can add tags so last year i started a tag called “itsthelittlethings” so that i could look back at all the wonderful things that happen daily/ weekly/ whatever that are so easy to forget, and remember them.
  • start practicing yoga; whether its something i do every morning, every evening or just taking some classes at the gym i think the meditation of it will help keep me focused and present
  • potentially and maybe try acupuncture. i am terrified of needles, and that’s no exaggeration. so obviously, the thought of acupuncture is almost unbearable. (ok, that may be an exaggeration) but there are many benefits. so maybe. maybe

of course, this list will be ever evolving throughout the year. but i like having something to keep me in line and give me some focus. we’ll see what becomes of this all. stay tuned for updates as we get further into the year. i’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

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