give a dog your heart & you’ll get one in return {happy birthday starks}

happy birthday starks

growing up we never had a pet. i know, insert sad violin music here. i mean we had fish once, bert and ernie, but they didn’t last long from what i remember. the lack of pets wasn’t for lack of wanting; i have always loved dogs and i loved playing with my friends or family’s pups. my brother and i dropped many a hint that we would love a puppy brother, but instead we got a human brother. who i did indeed dress up like a puppy when he was young and impressionable. true story. sorry not sorry carter. and our babysitter had a cat, fonzy, that i tried to pretend was a dog but talking him on walks (against his will) and making him sit on my lap. but that’s really as close as it got.

starks the pup

starks the pup

for those of you who don’t know, starks is brandon’s dog (he adopted him about a year before we met). he is a schnauzer/terrier/hot mess combo – but to many people’s surprise when hearing that breed, he is about 54 pounds. but he thinks he is a lap dog. for (nearly) daily pictures of him you can give me a follow on just about any social media platform and cuteness will fill your screen. starks loves to play ball; especially the moment that both brandon and i are home from work; he loves to play with a rope that brandon and i hide because we hated playing with it; he loves treats; he gets anxious at the first sign of one of us packing a suitcase; he doesn’t like not being included in hugs; he is afraid of the kitchen floor and will only go in so far and then has to back out; he is an attention whore and will bark at me and lick my face obnoxiously as soon as i start talking on the phone; he loves to wrestle and play; and loves to steal my spot in bed. mostly, he loves to be petted and cuddled and lay right in the middle of brandon and i. and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

happy birthday starks

dogs have a way of rescuing people who need them; and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had

and today, is that adorable pup’s 3rd birthday. though we’re still trying to teach him what that means. but, to you my pup, i wish you a happy day filled with belly rubs, treats, playing with the ball, and cuddles. love you so much. xoxoxo

want to see more of Starks? Interested in witticism and thoughts from the pup himself? follow him on twitter @starksthepup

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