minnesota love

ootd // minnesota love

so how bout this weather? forecast for today looks incredible if you solely look at temperature. if you look at the radar and details it looks much less appealing. storms. thunder. hail. tornadoes. rain. starksthepup will not be pleased. we do need the rain, but i just hope this weather cleans up its attitude before birthday weekend commences tomorrow.

i had a post that i was hoping to have ready today, well actually yesterday. but the creative blogging bug has not been my friend. if only i could translate all the thoughts in my head to here and they sounded the way i wanted and my pictures could magically be edited, that would be like ideal. alas, a short post is on the docket for today. and also an unlikely one seeing as i am not at all an ootd (outfit of the day) type of gal; i follow way too many fashion bloggers who look flawless in all their posts to dare put myself out there. i’ve never been one to be able to put together outfits well. so when i finally feel like i put one together, i kind of want to just wear it everyday. i need to connect with some fashion blogger friends and have them help this ‘unfashionista’ out. ive been working on getting over what people might think, and stop caring so much about comparing myself to others; so – here’s my look on this stormy thursday. my favorite part is hands down my new Minnesota necklace from a local shop in my hometown (Brick Girls Loft). hands down one of my favorite places to acquire new and fun jewelry.

ootd // minnesota love

Crop Jeans (Gap Outlet) // Navy Cardigan (Gap Outlet) // Infinity Scarf (Len) // Minnesota Necklace (Brick Girls Loft) // Wedges (Target)

ootd // minnesota love

ootd // minnesota love

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