wknd recap // on the market

20140527-060914-22154626.jpg it’s official. our house in on the market. we’ve got a sign in our yard, flyers on our table, and a ‘please remove your shoes sign’ by the front door. cray. and no, we don’t have a new place to live yet. but the search continues. i don’t know which i’m more nervous of; that our house will go really fast and we’ll have to scramble to find a home of our own or that it will take awhile and it will happen and we won’t find somewhere we like. or that this moving in and out will occur smack dab in the middle of the summer when my schedule is at it’s craziest. so many options for one to overreact about. the possibilities are endless. stay tuned for how this journey unfolds. as they say, “it will all work out.” as i say, “stop interrupting my anxiety attack with your ‘reason’.” it was a lovely long weekend. full of time with my [b] and starksthepup; playing at the park; long walks in the gorgeous weather; grilling; starting to watch silicon valley; shopping; napping; and the always fantastic marathons of ncis and criminal minds. getting addicted to 2048 and searching for the right wedding photographer. and of course, remembering those who have served and continue to serve our country. home of the free because of the brave. and as mike birbiglia says, “i love the troops, because if they weren’t the troops i would be the troops. and i would be the worst troops.” 20140527-060915-22155392.jpg



Fish Lake Dog Park

Fish Lake Dog Park

Fish Lake Dog Park

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. know anyone in the maple grove area looking for a town home in a lovely area? send ’em this link.

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