how to make a best friend // a short story

this is the story of a girl two best friends.

step 1: learn about each other because of significant others and proceed to Facebook stalk each other

step 2: take a 10 day road trip from MN to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and California together – this will be the first time you meet

step 3: celebrate a 21st birthday in las vegas

step 4: consume beverages, of the alcoholic nature.

step 5: dance. a lot.

step 6: become the 2 best friends that anyone could have.

simple right? yes. what follows will be years filled with activities such as binge watching prison break; trips to Florida; date nights; learning life’s valuable lessons such as do not put wine in the freezer and forget about it; laughing, lots of laughing; helping one another move; help plan weddings and celebrate at the wedding accordingly; phone dates that celebrate the happy things and support the other with the not so happy things; stalking potential boyfriends on Facebook; drinking wine, lots of wine; have play dates with our puppies; and so many other things that haven’t even happened yet.

i was lucky enough to stumble upon these steps when finding my best friend that anyone could have just about 4 years ago exactly. and today on her birthday i wish her nothing but the absolute best life has to offer; i am so thankful for our friendship and i can’t wait for all of the memories yet to be made. happy birthday lover pants!

ps. today is also her 2nd wedding anniversary with her hubster. YAY!!! i wish them both the best anniversary ever, because they are pretty much my favorite couple ever; except for [B] and i, we’re pretty awesome. please note michael that these are, and will always be separate holidays.


birthday 11






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