a toast to 10,000

happy monday, friends. i hope you had a lovely weekend. mine was extra spectacular; spent at home with my family celebrating my baby brothers high school graduation! stay tuned for the recap tomorrow!

last week i hit a BIG blogger milestone here at the story of my recent life; i hit 10,000 total view posts! blogging is something i started doing back in january of 2010 with my blog; tales of a girl (emma) on tumblr. i moved over to wordpress in may of 2011 and started this blog under the name of; faith, hope & sass from an uptown girl. in september of 2013 i got a new look and a new name, since i didn’t live in uptown anymore; the story of my recent life. i learned at Go Blog Social in April that a lot of bloggers get well over 10,000 views a month (hot damn); and i initially felt a little down on myself. i’ve been blogging here for 3 years and just now hitting this milestone. i’ve come to learn blog envy is a real thing. but just like anything, i can’t compare myself or my blog to others. i love my blog. it’s my release; my story; my voice.

thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog. whether just one time or a hundred times. i appreciate it so much. nothing makes my day more than someone telling me that they enjoyed my blog today. as a tribute to the past 10,000 views i am sharing my “top 10” top viewed and my personal favorite blog posts of the past 3 years. i hope you enjoy these throwbacks; and here’s to the next 10,000!

there's no place like home // toast to 10,000

this is only the beginning // toast to 10,000

why iRun // toast to 10,000

the story of our wedding // toast to 10,000

give a dog your heart & you'll get one in return // toast to 10,000

take me back to NYC // toast to 10,000

it all started with french toast // toast to 10,000

peace i give to you, my peace i leave with you // toast to 10,000

congratulations, class of 2007 // toast to 10,000

apples & brie appetizer // toast to 10,000

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