we are #realbloggerbeauty

hello, friends! i want to thank all of you for reading and sharing your sweet words with my yesterday following my post on #realbloggerbeauty and living with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. i was truly overwhelmed with the amount of responses to it (overwhelmed in a happy way – not an anxious way :)) hearing people tell me that reading it made them feel comforted because they could relate it just about the best thing ever. i feel like i was given the gift of writing so that i could share my story so that other people may feel that “i’m not alone” moment, and maybe feel empowered to share their story. because we all have a wonderful story worth telling. a story that makes us who we are. and that is so beautiful.


i want to also give a ginormous shout out to Maya from Charmingly Styled for creating #realbloggerbeauty. consider this a virtual hug! she is truly a fabulous example of how simply lovely the blogging community can be. thank you, Maya, for giving us a forum to strip away the filters and get real. i have loved reading through all of the bloggers who participated in this project; both people whose blogs i frequent and those whom i am now a newbie follower to their blog. i highly encourage you to stop over and check out my fellow bloggers stories; Maya has them all linked up on her blog page here. And hey, if you feel like sharing your story she is leaving the link up open for a couple more weeks!

toodles! xo


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