you’ll always be my baby

you'll always be my baby

good evening, fine folks. pardon my absence (again) and (again). lots of life going on right now. big things. exciting things. stressful things. i miss my blog. i miss sharing my story. i’ve got to catch you up on the wedding, the new house, dealing with my anxiety, etc. but for tonight, a love story of a girl and her pup.

[b] is traveling abroad for the next couple of weeks. (have i mentioned before that he has a blog, too? check it out here) which really bums me out. he’s my other half. my source of strength. my reminder that things will be ok. which i’ve needed a lot lately. thanks to the wonders of technology and FaceTime, i get to communicate with him quite a bit, which makes it easier. but what helps even more is having starksthepup. he’s my baby and my favorite non-human. i love him more than i ever could have imagined. even at the times when he’s being a lunatic; like when he runs through the screen door, or won’t stop pacing around, and when we go for a walk and he has to stop and either smell or pee on EVERYTHING, or when he does that high pitch whining noise in the car… even with all those things he makes my heart full every day. every morning when i wake up he is snuggling right next to me (sometimes with his face IN my face – that’s precious) and when i come home from work he is thrilled just to see me. and wants nothing more than to have his belly rubbed and play ball. and eat treats, too of course.

tonight we went on a 2 mile run (more like a jog, let’s be honest) and came back home and played ball in the backyard for almost an hour. and for that hour i wasn’t thinking about anything, or worried about anything, or sad about anything, or anxious about anything. i was happy. that pup is my baby. and he’s the cutest, smartest, more adorable pup you ever did meet. thanks for being there for me, pup, physically at least – because seriously you make the worst guard dog ever. thank goodness you’re cute.

[want more from starksthepup? be sure to follow me on instagram and follow him on Twitter – @starksthepup]



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