stamps & hot chocolate // wknd happenings

my productivity level was off the charts this weekend (mostly) and that is what i am blaming for my lack of focus. that and the fact that christmas is officially 3 sleeps away. and i’m heading home to albert lea tomorrow. so yes, many distractions. anyways – we checked another big milestone off of the ‘ol wedding checklist this weekend. all of our save the dates are have been sent! sidenote: no wonder the written word is dying… $60 for 120 stamps?! what the what?!

264 days until #happilyeverbica

115 envelopes

61 cities

13 states

3 metallic sharpies

4 cups of coffee

2 engaged people

1 fabulous wedding

something about having the save the dates sent out just makes it all legit. so much excitement. i also can’t get over how amazing our save the dates turned out. my dear friend Alyssa Meier, who is also one of my fearless personal attendants, is doing all of the design for the wedding and seriously… she is nothing short of fantastically talented. i couldn’t imagine anything more perfect and i cannot wait to see everything else come together! [thanks lys!]

other items that were on the agenda this weekend: wrapping presents [with no help at all from #starksthepup], watching it’s a wonderful life, drinking homemade [spiked] hot chocolate, and coffee. lots of coffee.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend! xo
stamps & hot chocolate stamps & hot chocolate stamps & hot chocolate stamps & hot chocolate stamps & hot chocolate stamps & hot chocolatestamps & hot chocolatestamps & hot chocolate

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