meanwhile in MN | fall is here. and it’s beautiful.

meanwhile in minnesota

i am so glad to live in a world in which there are October’s. [anne of green gables].

as you well know, i’m a minnesota girl. born and raised. and i love it here. i love it less in the winter when it’s below zero for more than 60 days. i love it a little less when it’s nearly 100% humidity. but i love it most when it’s october and the leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and  the sun is shining. throw in a pumpkin spice latte from caribou and  you’ve got yourself a helluva great day.

also, did you know that squirrels lilke to eat pumpkins? oh yes, yes they do. and the Internet tries to tell you that they will stop if you put hot sauce on them. or dog hair around them. i’m here to tell you the Internet is wrong. and squirrels are officially the worst. and they have ruined our adorable pumpkins.

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photos taken around st. louis park, mn

meanwhile in minnesota // spring has arrived

yesterday felt like friday which means today was supposed to be saturday. but things didn’t exactly work out that way. [lamesauce] in other news, spring has ((finally)) arrived here in the wonderful state of minnesota. it was just a few short weeks ago i was writing about our plentiful snow fall; and even last week there was snow while i was exploring the lands of canada. but i do believe that spring has arrived and it is here to stay. (i hope) which aside from the fact that my allergies are annoying, means only good things.

sunshine, long walks with the pup, ((my birthday)), reading on the deck, running outside, flip flops, driving with the windows down, eating on patios. all fun things. seeing as it was gorgeous out yesterday B and i went on a nice long walk with starksthepup. it was made a little extra long by the fact that i needed to get some more steps in to ensure i would reach 10,000 (which i did). looking forward to reinstating that little activity after work most days now, especially because i am done traveling until june. believe it or not, starksthepup certainly doesn’t believe it, but i am most pleased with getting back into a routine and spending time with my boys.

hope the sun is shining where ever you are! xoxo

meanwhile in minnesota

meanwhile in Minnesota // spring snow

our beautiful state is living up to the stereotype once again; central mn got his with bunches of that lovely white stuff yesterday. what’s crazy is that at my parents house in southern mn they got no traces of any snow. weather is a funny thing.

so, rather than complain about the snow, i decided to embrace it. after all, we did get a massive snow storm of 16 inches last year on may 2, so april 16 is fair game for snow as far as i’m concerned. so i took starks the pup out and we have fun running around and enjoying the weather.

so, for those of you in southern mn, and those of you not lucky enough to reside in this beautiful place, here are some pics of what my view looks on this spring day.

spring in minnesota

spring in minnesota