2012 roundup ((WOW… that was a busy year))

life2012; you were good to me.  it’s crazy how much can happen in one year; how much things can  seem to remain the same day to day and then you turn around and realize that a lot has changed. change. my word to sum up the year. i had a lot of changes this past year; exciting and challenging. happy and sad. wanted and unwanted. things change whether you like it or not. and when i look back at 2012 i will remember the year that  i started the next chapter in my life. a lot of great memories to look back on and for one of the first time’s in my life, i can truly say that i am happy. 2013, i look forward to seeing what you’ve got in store. bring it.

places traveled:

  • miami, fl
  • las vegas, nv (2)
  • toronto, on (2)
  • boca raton, fl
  • boston, ma
  • chicago, il
  • pebble beach, ca

air miles traveled: 20,510


  • 2 year anniversary of my first blog, tales of a girl ((emma))
  • work photo shoot
  • mom and dad attended their very first hockey game at SCSU


  • attended MAWC2012 (market america world conference) with an amazing group of people in miami


  • attended EXHIBITOR2012 and have an unforgettable experience in las vegas
  • spent a lot of time apartment hunting and finally found one i loved
  • celebrated panda’s 23rd with a bang. and a headache to follow…


  • HUNGER GAMES came out
  • had my 2 year PeopleNet anniversary
  • became an international girl; traveled to the lands of Canada for the first time
  • said goodbye to panda as we both started new adventures
  • moved into my very own apartment


  • my dear cousin graduated from allen school of nursing
  • 23rd birthday celebration
  • officially registered for my first half marathon
  • spent a wonderful long weekend with ALL of my mom’s side family (first time EVER we’ve ALL been together)
  • one year blogiversary of this blog :)


  • 2 of my very best friends ever, brooke and mike, got married
  • my car got broken into
  • celebrated the wedding of a dear friend
  • traveled to the lands of canada for a second time
  • was selected to host my very own half day workshop at EXHIBITOR2013


  • ROCKED my very first half marathon
  • traveled to okoboji for an amazing and relaxing family vacay
  • spent several weekends in the sun watching the little brother play soccer


  • traveled to boca baby for a threepeat success of the UC
  • met joe theismann
  • had the worst 16 hours of traveling of my life
  • celebrated the wedding of my girl and hair dresser of almost 10 years
  • had a lil 07 reunion
  • ate lots of deliciousness at the MN state fair


  • traveled to boston, mass for speakers training
  • met my now boyfriend, brandon
  • had an epic best friend wine night
  • traveled to chi town for the first time


  • turned a new leaf and started attempting  to cook/bake
  • traveled on a 7 day journey with stops in pebble beach and las vegas


  • purchased my very first coach purse
  • got my car towen
  • made trips with mom to roch to visit nana
  • participated in my first thanksgiving visit to the legion
  • thanksgiving with family
  • annual black friday shopping with daddy
  • mom and dad’s 28 year anniversary
  • 5 year high school reunion
  • made kringla all on my very own



  • got a real christmas tree
  • did lots of christmasy things
  • holidazzle parade
  • 4th annual dad and emma day
  • 12.11.12 – nana passed away

rest in peace nana

  • christmas :)
  • new years eve


((looking ahead)) 2012 forecast

here we are, on the 5th day of january, and i am already very jazzed about this year (and this epic weather, 50 degrees+january never = minnesota). there is so much going on and so much to look forward to! here is what 2012 has in store so far!…

  • in just shy of a month i will be traveling to Miami (bitch), for Market America‘s annual world conference! i am uber excited and can hardly wait. i have heard so much about how fantastic and motivating it is and i am looking forward to coming back and just rocking this business out! oh and to get see some sunshine too. :)
  • in april i will be venturing north (i think? geography is not my strong point) to OH! canada for a work conference. it’s my first time leaving the country, which really reminds me that i need to get my passport. stat.
  • on april 9 i will celebrate my 2 year peoplenet anniversary! yay me!
  • in the last week of april/ first week of may i will be making a big life step and moving out on my own. my roomie love panda is moving up north to the land of bemidji to enjoy to get back to her art and enjoy nature and family and such. and this uptown girl will be moving… somewhere. location still undetermined, but definitely in minneapolis, but i am excited to make a move. it will be more than sad to see my roomie of the past 4 years go; but it’s all about growing up, i suppose.
  • the first weekend in may will be spent down in iowa celebrating to graduation of my lovely cousin!
  • may 12 marks the BIG 2-3 birthday for me. surely, a big bash will take place. i’m thinking karaoke?
  • also in may i will be traveling down south to ala-fricken-bama for the first time for a work event
  • may 27 will be my one year blogiversary of this very blog! it’s my second, my first was tales of a girl ((emma)) which just celebrated its 2nd blogiversary! cannot say how much i have enjoyed becoming a blogger these past 2 years — do not know what i would do without it.
  • june 2: a doublely awesome day. my best friend that anyone could have’s wedding and birthday! cannot wait to celebrate with you, brooke and mike! it will be a celebration that will be hard to beat, i’m sure!
  • july 14: judgement day as i run my very first half marathon (the april sorenson half marathon)! cant wait to cross this baby off my bucket list!
  • early august brings me back to the always beautiful boca raton, fl for our user conference. an exhaustingly rewarding week.
  • while in down south i may pop over to visit my cousins in miami (and get some R&R&C (rest, relaxation and coctails))
  • OR i may continue my crazy busy week and fly over to greensboro, NC for Market America’s international convention… hmmm… decisions, decisions. we shall see.
  • october 2 i celebrate my one year Market America anniversary – man, i got some goals to accomplish by then!
  • spencer graduates!!!! finally!!! :)

so many wonderful and exciting things to look forward to; 2012, i think we are going to get along just fine. :)

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”

-Neil Gaiman