merry christmas roundup [tis the season]

new years eve already?! uff da. i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas; full of friends, family, food, fun, faith and love. i had what just might be the most wonderful christmas to date. discounting the year i got a barbie camper. christmas seems to change as you get older, and it first i thought it might get less exciting, and it does in a way, but this year christmas was perfect. i got to be with my family and my boyfriend, follow traditions, eat amazing food, laugh a lot, open presents, celebrate the birthday boy, jesus, and become unbelievably aware of how blessed i am. perfection.

pictures say more than i could elaborate on, so here’s the top ones from my holiday season. thank you family, for an amazing holiday season. i love you all bunches. and a very Happy New Year y’all. :)

christmas eve

christmas eve


christmas day


help me, i’m poor


evolution of christmas day (2007-2012)

2007-2012 stocking picture

durby side christmas

durby chrtistmas