cheers to a new year [2013 forecast]

2012well, here we are. ending the first week of janurary, and i find myself thinking, “self, wasn’t new years like a few weeks ago? no? it was this past week? oh, ok.” this year already seems to be going fast. coming off a great year in 2012 i am looking forward to this year. i love fresh starts and new beginnings that the first of each year holds; so far my year is filling up quite nicely. a brand new year. cheers to 2013, friends! xoxo

“and now we welcome a brand new year, full of things that have never been.” rainer maria rilke


  • travelin’ down south to san antonio to check out the UC site for this year
  • heading to miami (bitch) to get a couple days of sun in before my cruise and visit my cousin, her hubby and lil peanut sabine
  • going on my first ever cruise to help in celebrating the wedding of my dear friends katie and jesse
  • watch the young pup play hoops at the Target Center
  • start officially moving into Brandon’s and be a resident of the burbs *gasp*


  • valentines day TC 5K


  • hosting my very own half day workshop, unleashing the power of social media, at EXHIBITOR2013 (yayyyyy!)
  • followed by exporing vegas with my momma


  • celebrate my 3 year PeopleNet anniversary
  • Get in Gear 10K
  • lil brother goes to his first prom


  • turning the big 2-4
  • two year blogiversary of this very blog


  • round 2 of the april sorenson half marathon.


  • traveling to san antonio, tx for some armadillo races and MIH at our 11th annual UC


  • spencer GRADUATES!