full of thanks and oh so blessed

tis the season to be thankful. and i have so many blessings to be thankful for. so many wonderful things and people in my life. and i thank God for them on this Thanksgiving eve, and everyday. and pray that i never take any of them for granted. i wish you all a happy, healthy, full of yummy foodfull day. xoxo

for my friends. who make me smile, laugh, and are always amazing.

for my new coach purse. i feel so grown up and stylin’ and like i’m part of a secret club of cool coach wearing ladies

for starks who i get to pretend sometimes is my dog and makes my smile with a tilt of his head and that damn giraffe

for cute boots and cozy scarves season

for minnesota

for living in a county where i get to have a vote in things

for my blog

for pinterest and the hours of laughter it provides

for the amazing experience i have coming up, speaking at EXHIBITOR2013

for wine

for my family

for brandon

for manicures

for spoonfuls of peanut butter

for insotonix

for mornings that start with holiday drinks

for my bomb.com coworkers and all the ridiculousness that happens here

for my fab apartment

for diet coke

raise your glass ((the toast i couldn’t say))

… because i would have been a weeping pile of tears. this weekend, i went to the most beautiful, perfect, wonderful wedding. you can read more here. i gave a short and sweet toast at the reception, i had so much more i wanted to say, but i wanted to keep things moving, and i started getting choked up in just 2 minutes. here’s the toast i couldn’t give…

almost 2 years ago to this very day, i met brooke and mike for the first time. i was on a 10 day roadtrip a group of people i had just met. honestly, i had no idea what i was getting myself into. the only other girl on this trip was brooke and i remember checking up on her on Facebook to see what she was all about; trying to determine if we would get along or not. that trip ended up being the most unforgettable time. if you want to find a best friend, just go to Las Vegas and party it up because by the end of those 10 days brooke and i went from being complete strangers to being completely¬†inseparable. from trying to make small talk to cuddling in the backseat of the car watching Criminal Minds. from not knowing each other to being, “the 2 best friends that anyone could have.” i just met this girl, and i felt like i’d known her my whole life. we are similar in many ways: our unbreakable bond with our families, our faith, our obsession with pasta, our passion for scrapbooking, our dorky sense of humor, our complete lack for any sense of direction and our love for wine.

after that trip i continued to get to know brooke and mike more and more. i was ecstatic when they moved to farmington last year since it meant they were so much closer to me. we have dinner dates (they cook) and movie nights and i enjoy every time that is spent with them. in just 2 short years, 2 people that were strangers have become 2 of my best friends; and my life is so much more blessed with them in it. as most of us here would agree, you are both 2 of the most kind, genuine, selfless, hard working, determined, amazing people i have been lucky enough to know. i cant even being to say thank you for all you have helped me through. no matter how hectic your schedules – you have always made time. we have had some unforgettable moments together; we have laughed, cried, danced, drank, traveled, struggled and succeeded together. there are countless stories that will remembered forever (and some i wish we could all just forget…)

i know that there are no “perfect couples” but you 2 have been perfectly made for each other. i could not be happier for you both, and i am so glad that i got to be here and part of this special day. i can’t wait to watch the next chapter of your journey unfold and to see you continue to grow in love. i wish you both a lifetime of happiness, because you deserve nothing less. i thank God for blessing you in my life – because it would not be the same without you in it. i love you – cheers!

Brooke Marie & Michael Joseph Carr

June 2, 2012

MAWC roundup [i’m chasing my dreams]

uff da! and wow! and that’s all i have to say about that…. just kidding, but seriously. i got from the Market America World Conference very late sunday or very early monday, whichever way you’d like to look at it. and i’m still trying to wrap my head around all of the amazingness that happened. all i can say is that it truly is one of those “you had to be there” experiences, because it is indescribable. sure, i could tell you all about the 25,000 people in the AA arena; about the celebrities i got to see; about the bomb{dot}com products we’ve come out with (intenseFX); about how legit our corporate team is at delivering all you could ask for and more; that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to the social shopping revolution; that we offer the best products in any category; about the epic dance parties; the stories that tug on your heartstrings; about how unbelievably amazing and wonderful my ma family/team is; about the partying, the learning, the joking, the laughing, the crying; about how flipping motivation it was… but you will not be even close to understanding what i mean with all of that. the feeling of being completely surrounded by thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs that are going after their dreams, that are the most powerful, positive, motivational people i have ever had the blessing/pleasure to meet. mind = blown. and if you really do want to learn more about this epic, dream catching, business… i would be MORE than happy to visit with you. and learn about how i can help you make your dreams come true. because as our president, founder and CEO, JR Ridinger says, “always dream big, because you will never be bigger than your dreams.”

to my MA family: from the bottom of my heart i thank each and every one of you for an unforgettable time in Miami; i am thankful and blessed to know you and have you as a part of my life. i believe in you and cannot wait to be there as your accomplish your dreams. watch out world; we are coming. i love you guys! xoxo

here are some of my favorite moments:

rise and shine at the airport

mike and i had a 4 hour layover in detroit; doing some zzz’s and reading

night 1: hard rock cafe

of course, i can never miss a chance to bust some zumba moves

part of the team waiting for the doors to open!

we rocked that AA arena

brooke and i learned wine does NOT belong in the freezer…


good lookin’ team ready to yacht it up:)

karly and me

steve and mike rockin’ the duck face

and the dance party begins…

fist pumpin’

givin’ brooke some lovin’

me and my best friends mom <3

last night: nikki beach

donna, brooke and me before leaving