third annual ((dad & emma)) day

one of my favorite days of the year. started 3 years ago, dad and emma day is now an annual and highly anticipated day. on the 1st or 2nd friday in december my dad makes the journey up to the big city. and, since we are fans of tradition – and the first year went over like gangbusters – we have left the itinerary virtually unchanged. here’s how it goes:

dad comes and picks me up and we head to downtown minneapolis for breakfast. years one and two our breakfast spot was the always delicious, Hell’s Kitchen. we enjoyed french toast, eggs benedict and their epic hot chocolate. a big hit. this year, however, we decided to go crazy and venture to another spot for our dining pleasure. not like there aren’t a million other places for an awesome breakfast in minneapolis… so i did some research and we landed on the 8th Street Grill. and oh. my. yum. we started off our meal with a couple of bloody mary’s (in the words of my dad, we are on vacation!) which we quite delectable. and since everything on the menu sounded amazing, we decided that i would get the eggs benedict, and dad would get the granola cinnamon french toast, and we’d split them. note to anyone who can cook: adding granola takes the french toast to a whole other level. wow. oh so good. 

after breakfast we headed to barnes and noble to get dad’s calendar for work. they didn’t have his usual calendar but we found one that would suffice. afterwards we headed to macy’s to check out santaland. we made this part of the tradition back in year one, since macy’s created a new theme each year. well, ever since we started our tradition, the theme has remained the same, “a day in the life of an elf.” it’s really great, don’t get me wrong, but it woulda been cool to see a new one each year. either way, we tried to go last year but the line was insaneulous! so we tried again this year and made it through! and afterwards we treated ourselves to a sugar cookie from mrs. claus’ kitchen. that lady sure knows how to bake a cookie! then we went to the men’s department to get dad his christmas sweater (no, not a cheeseballs sweater, just a sweater that he will wear at christmas time). we found one that looked good and then i went and picked out a piece of jewelry. and gawked over the LV and Coach handbags.

then it was off to the IDS building to get some christmas drinks at starbucks, take out picture by the tree, and sit and people watch. and eat some lemon cake too, because it had been like an hour since we ate breakfast… and we are on vacation. then we got lost in the midst of all the skyways so we headed out to target and looked around for a bit. maybe its just me, but 2 story targets just seem so much cooler than other ones. and then, sadly, it’s time to call it a morning.

it truly is one of my most favorite days of the year. i love living in minneapolis, but i sure do miss home and time with my family. and i definitely am daddy’s little princess, and am so blessed to have such a great dad. since our times together are getting farther between, i treasure them all the more. and love these little traditions that we make and look forward to carrying them on for a very, very long time. love you daddy – thanks for a great day!