things don’t change unless you do. {goals & intentions}

Jess Lively

a new year marks a new beginning. a time to reflect on the past year and think about what we would like to do in the coming one. i’ve never been big on making new years resolutions. they feel like a set up to failure; such an all or nothing feeling. if you don’t accomplish it, of fall off the bandwagon after a couples weeks of months, you give up and move on because what’s the point anymore? Jess Lively, who write for The Everygirl put’s it perfectly, here. And thanks to her, i am making new years intentions, not resolutions. intentions leaved room for the inevitable surprises that life has in store. intentions can be flexible and adjusted to the way things come together throughout the year. when situations change; you change. and you can adjust your intentions accordingly. no harm, no foul, no guilt. this gives them a more positive feel than the negative “have to” feel of resolutions. i am super jazzed for this coming year. and look forward to seeing how these intentions all come together. stay tuned. xoxo

((goals)) and intentions for the new year:

  • 267049452873764904_DnERwyDN_chealthy living

    • run a 5K (TC Valentines Run) and 10K (Get in Gear 10K)
    • drop my time in the April Sorenson Half Marathon by 10 minutes
    • be active for at least 20 minutes at least 3 times/week
    • continue to implement the slow carb diet into my meals
    • monitor my diet coke consumption; no more than 3/ week
  • growing my smarts

    • read 9 books


      1. socialnomics
      2. bitches on a budget
      3. rework
      4. predictably irrational
      5. cocktails for three
      6. breakfast at tiffanys
      7. one day
      8. blue like jazz
      9. the 4 hour body
    • go to a wine tasting/ become educated on how to pair it with meals

    • take a cooking class

    • potentially and hopefully start classes to get my MBA

  • 177470041536215036_6Fg77z90_cblog love:

    • post no fewer than 3, but shoot for 5 times/month; at least 36, at most 60 posts/year
    • by my 2 year blogiversary, complete a rebranding of this blog
    • finish the year with double the views I finished with. (About 10,000)
    • gain 15 new followers
    • start a new social media dedicated blog
    • dahla, dahla bills y’all:11188699045560152_vY9dpOoQ_c

      • continue to record & track my expenses & begin to incorporate more of a budget into it
      • pay off clifford (my car)
    • don’t worry, be happy


    • the always cliché and ongoing goal of my life: less anxiety, more enjoyment.
    • soak in the happiness of the little moments that make life wonderful
      • using a new app, day one, to keep track on all these little things
    • be present. and enjoy the moment. worry less about what has or will happen.