this morning, with him, having coffee

johnny and june cash

love and coffee

love and coffee

[b] and i share a love for coffee. weekend mornings we can most likely be found at a caribou sipping on the seasonal favorite and taking #bouface selfies. there’s something about a coffee shop that’s just cozy. even if we’re both on our laptops or phones crushing candies while we’re there hanging out it’s some of my favorite times. something we like to do together.

at the old house this enjoyable activity was limited to weekends only. [b] or i would sometimes make coffee durning the week but we had to the leave house so early because of crappy commutes that it was almost always taken to-go. one of the many things i love about our new house is that we both have a short commute. there are oodles of good things that come from this; we’re not as rushed in the morning to try and “beat” traffic (which never worked – 494 is the worst), we’re not stuck in hours of traffic on the way home which just makes you uber cranky by the time you get home. it’s glorious and makes you realize how much a shitty commute can really affect your attitude.

but [probably] my most favorite thing that has come from this is that we get to spend time together in the morning. we’ve eaten breakfast together more in the past 2 months than we ever did in a year and a half at the old house. and almost every morning we have coffee. [b] gets up with the chickens at unforsaken times like 4 in the morning so he’s usually/always the one to make the coffee. sometimes we enjoy our coffee seperately while we’re getting ready. but some days, like this morning, we get to sit together [with #starksthepup] and watch tv and look at save the dates on pinterest and enjoy our coffee together before we started our day. nothing else mattered, no anxiety, no worry, no stress, just us. and those moments, with him, having coffee that make me feel so blessed to get to do life with that guy.

the story of our wedding // engagement photos

Matt Addington Photography // Engagement Photos  i-7QZ3GwW-L Matt Addington Photography // Engagement PhotosMatt Addington Photography // Engagement Photos Matt Addington Photography // Engagement Photosi-ntrtHmP-LMatt Addington Photography // Engagement PhotosMatt Addington Photography // Engagement PhotosMatt Addington Photography // Engagement Photos     Matt Addington Photography // Engagement PhotosMatt Addington Photography // Engagement PhotosMatt Addington Photography // Engagement Photos

there are different milestones along the story of our wedding that make me ask, is this real life? when we booked our venue and locked in our date; when i bought the dress; when we took our engagement photos and now, when i’m looking at our engagement photos. this is real life. i’m getting married! so much excitement. so much to share. so much love. on the docket for today, my dear friends, is our engagement photos.

as mentioned our photographer is the incredibly talented, Matt Addington. we decided on Loring Park area near downtown Minneapolis for the location; we could get some nature backgrounds, city backgrounds, and could have #starksthepup join us for some. after lots of Pinteresting, some fashioin consulting from my stylist Tash, and a trip or 2 to the mall [b] and i were all set with 3 outfits (much to [b]’s dismay – he was hoping for just one. that was cute.) changing in the car proved to be interesting but i made it work and thanks to our friend doogie who came with to help try to wrangle #starksthepup. and to hold my purse. thankfully the weather was perfection and fall colors in minnesota never looked better. it was so much fun and despite the pup being an absolute lunatic, we even got a couple good ones with him.

we got all the proofs from Matt on Monday and i don’t feel like it’s any sort of exaggeration to say that i’ve looked through all 371 2 or 10 times. i couldn’t have imagined them turning out better. matt captured our crazy little family exactly as we are. thank you so much, matt, for putting up with a lunatic dog and a ridiculous couple who kept sticking there tongues out at each other and creating these beautiful images. cannot wait for you to capture our wedding day!

outfit 1: sweater The Limited, jeans The Limited, necklace Francescas, shoes DSW

outfit 2: dress Express, tights Nordstrom Rack, boots [similar] DSW, necklace The Limited

outfit 3: sweater The Limited, jeans Express, necklace BG Loft, shoes DSW

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the story of our wedding // part one {the engagement}

the story of our wedding // part two {the ring}

the story of our wedding // part 2 {the ring}

the story of our wedding

so i just learned that Wedding Wednesday is a thing. which is fantastic. and also gave me the reminder that i needed to post part two of the story of our wedding. [you can find part one: the engagement here] part two is full of sparkle and selfies; the ring.

the story of our wedding

i couldn’t be happier with my ring. and yes, i did pick it out. [b] and i looked online a little, and i went once with my dear friend lys to try some on once just to get an idea. i truly had no idea what i wanted. ok maybe a little, i wanted sterling silver, and modern vintage, unique without being odd, and classy sassy. it’s hard because the diamond store websites don’t let me select those as filter options. so when [b] was in china last year my momma and i went to jared and after some searching i had narrowed it down to 2 rings, i had one that was the front runner, but i wanted [b] to feel like he got some say. :) (#hewenttojared)

the story of our wedding

now, if you give a girl a ring, she’s going to want to show people. but if you give a social media diva a ring, she’s going to want to take selfies and call them #blingshots. and they’re going to be, wait for it, awesome. it’s exciting and crazy to have a ring on your ring finger and you just might find yourself doing some things you have not done before, suchas: because it’s so shiny you kind of just want to stare at it while it sparkles. and request that others join in. and making sure that when you’re in photos your #blingshot is showing in all its glory. and when you take #bouface selfies you suddenly only can use your left hand to hold your bou in the photo. and your friends may call you out on “accidental” #blingshots, or even request them. being engaged is funny like that.

the story of our wedding

in case you were wondering, which of course you were, it’s 325 days until the wedding! i know, right? so much excitement and many things to share with you on upcoming Wedding Wednesdays [and maybe some other days, too.] toodles!