meanwhile in Minnesota // spring snow

our beautiful state is living up to the stereotype once again; central mn got his with bunches of that lovely white stuff yesterday. what’s crazy is that at my parents house in southern mn they got no traces of any snow. weather is a funny thing.

so, rather than complain about the snow, i decided to embrace it. after all, we did get a massive snow storm of 16 inches last year on may 2, so april 16 is fair game for snow as far as i’m concerned. so i took starks the pup out and we have fun running around and enjoying the weather.

so, for those of you in southern mn, and those of you not lucky enough to reside in this beautiful place, here are some pics of what my view looks on this spring day.

spring in minnesota

spring in minnesota

tales from my {very} merry christmas

tales from my {very} merry christmasi can hardly believe that one week ago tomorrow was christmas eve; quite honestly it feels like it was a month ago already despite the fact that we still have our tree up at home. (which is crazy because i was raised that christmas decorations should be taken down the next day, if not the day of. true story) but with being out of town and busy i just felt like i haven’t fully gotten to enjoy it so i opted for christmas to extend until new years and i’m feeling very pleased with that decision. the older i get, the harder it seems to get really into the christmas spirit – all part of growing up i suppose. but it certainly helped raise my spirits to be home for the holidays and get to spend them celebrating with my family and my favorites. so, here’s the breakdown of my holiday season, it was full of love and laughter; wine and food; family and sarcasm. and i wouldn’t have it any other way. i hope that yours was a holly jolly, merry and bright kind of time.

christmas 1: durby side christmas

our first christmas celebration of the year began the saturday before the holidays when we got together with my mom’s side following my big brothers graduation from st cloud state (YAY!) [b] and i hosted and i realized how much work it is to do that (mad props to my aunt cindy who ususally does it each year) but i loved having our home full of family.

Durby Side Christmas | 2013

christmas 2: christmas eve with the dahls

 the second celebration of christmas was on christmas eve when the entire dahl clan. 4 generations worth of dahls got together for the first time in about 10 years. it was so great to get to see everyone and to see how happy it made my grandma to have her house filled with her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids – priceless.

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve 2013


christmas 3: christmas morning

the third celebration of christmas is hands down my favorite, because the events of that morning are one of my most treasured traditions. the morning begins with breakfast of an egg bake, monkey bread and fruit & marshmallow dip with beverages of orange julius, and now that (most of us) are of age; bloody marys and mimosas. (soon, carter, soon). then we head downstairs to open presents. the rest of the afternoon is spent hanging out and playing games, this year it was the app, ‘heads up’. and then we eat our dinner of pork tenderloin with maple mustard sauce, strawberry salad, and green bean casserole. a truly wonderful day and i loved getting to share my traditions with [b] and #starksthepup.

evolution of christmas morning (07-13)

Christmas Day 2013

christmas 4: call with brandons mom

since i’m an “adult” now with a job i’ve had to start heading back to the cities christmas evening. so we packed up the car and headed up to the burbs. when we got home we made some tea and called [b]’s mom who lives in new mexico so that we could open up presents “with” her.

christmas 5: our christmas

after calling [b]’s mom we got to have “our christmas” together and exchanged gifts followed by watching polar express and staying up until i couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore because i didn’t want christmas to be over. it was the cherry on top of a wonderful christmas. though i’ve gotten older and find it harder to get in the spirit, i still absolutely love christmas and how it brings everyone together.