finding some halloween spirit

finding some halloween spirit

i’m not a super “Halloweeney” person. i don’t necessarily like dressing up and i particularly hate scary things. plus i’m so easily startled already. perhaps my dislike stems from a young age where i wanted to be a ghostbuster and not a pumpkin. i guess we’ll never know. regardless we always dressed up; and in typical minnesota fashion had to make sure that a snowsuit or winter jacket could fit under your costume.

i had never carved a pumpkin until my freshman year in college. *gasp* we intended to go to a pumpkin patch but ended up getting them at a cub foods. not the same. but it was fun. the next year we carved pumpkins again and panda and i started a halloween tradition of going to get free chipotle and watching rocky horror picture show. it was fantastic. the next years i actually dressed up and went out to halloween parties; junior year costume with much more effort than senior year. flannel + hat + brown boots? yee haw!

the first halloween [b] and i were dating i spent halloween in las vegas for a conference; as if the people watching wasn’t good enough on a regular day there. last year we went to emma krumbee’s in belle plaine, mn and picked apples and pumpkins – we got one for starksthepup too, of course. we all carved them and though you might not believe it starks turned out the best. we meant to hand out candy on halloween night but there were maybe one or two kiddos that stopped. lame.

this year we meant to go to some sort of a pupmkin patch again. but with all of the craziness of moving and traveling and [b] going to china we settled for a farmers market which worked out just fine. last night we carved them and yes, starks has the winning pumpkin again. (after he got done picking it up my the stem and carrying it around the house) we enjoyed them inside for the night because the squirrels in st. louis park are the absolute WORST. the destroyed our beautiful pumpkins we got a few weeks ago. so these babies won’t go outside until tomorrow.

our new neighborhood has tons of little kiddos so we’re excited to have lots of trick or treaters. we’re prepared to have to tag team the candy gig; one of us hold starksthepup back and the other distributes the candy. additionally, we trying to determine some rules for a drinking game that correlates with what they are dressed up as. characters from frozen and TMNT are supposed to be the top ones so we could associate a shot/drink/etc. with a certain costume. details yet to be determined. more on that next week as well as the unveiling of the ladies of marketing halloween costumes. and yes, all three of us in our little team are dressing up much. it’s gonna be fabulous.

finding some halloween spiritfinding some halloween spiritfinding some halloween spiritfinding some halloween spirit


namasté // minnesota

in the midst of all the craziness of life, you sometimes find peace when you’re not looking for it. ‘perpetually overwhelmed’ is the phrase i’ve been using lately to best describe how i’m feeling. but this morning on a run with starksthepup i found calm within the chaos. it was super foggy and it covered the pond by our house with a haze of gray. but because of all the rain we got yesterday everything else was bright green. there was no one else around (it was 5:45 in the morning…) but i was so peaceful. the fresh air, the blooming flowers, the raindrops falling from the leaves; and just me and the pup running. it was a simply wonderful way to start the day.



photos taken along the walking trail in maple grove, mn

wknd recap // starks the singing pup

wknd recap // the home t

my favorite tee right now from the home t

happy gloomy monday, friends. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. it was simply gorgeous here in minnesota. i had a very “grown up” weekend with meeting with  potential wedding photographer, looking at houses, and getting our house ready to be put on the market this week. (eeeekkk). lots of things happening. big things. but great things.

in addition to the fun things going on, we got starksthepup to sing for us. gotta practice for the wedding :) we also finished House of Cards season 2 this weekend. SO GOOD. it’s like pringles though so once you start you better get comfortable. cannot believe they haven’t started filming season 3 yet.

wknd recap // converse

feeling hipster with my all stars and skinny’s

wknd recap // starksthepup

sweet potato waffle fries at streetz


 starksthepup has learned to pose for me

wknd recap // coffee with starks

coffee on the deck on a sunny Sunday morning

wknd recap // cafe lurcat

date night at bar lurcat

wknd recap // orhpeum

the orpheum to see aziz ansari!

wknd recap // fiance and me

[b] and i waiting for aziz to start

wknd recap // aziz ansari

aziz posing so that we could all get a shitty blurry picture

have a fabulous week!