[extended] wknd recap // birthday festivities

i am now officially a quarter of a century old. cray. the festivities kicked off last Friday and have not officially stopped. because, why not? i had a fabulous extended weekend celebrating with lots of lovely people; including celebrating my momma on sunday. and with that, i’ll leave you with some pictures.

birthday weekend // yard house

friday: the party started at yard house in st louis park. well it actually started at figilo, but i have no photographic proof so it pretty much never happened. it was a fun night with delicious food and bomb{dot}com cocktails. all made a little sweeter by a mini birthday cake and a Wild win.

birthday weekend

saturday: brother bear came up friday and stayed with [B] i through the weekend. we had a lazy day of a whole lot of nothing including a long walk with starksthepup and a caribou stop, of course.

birthday/ mothers day celebration

sunday: mothers day! we met the fam at bar louie in uptown mpls. it was half off bloody’s and mimosas. so there’s that. the food was super as well. we ventured to the walker art center sculpture garden to walk around and take a bazillion photos. those shall be displayed soon in an upcoming post. then we stopped to see the minneapolis golf club were [B] and i will be tying the knot and ended the day with some fab cupcakes from GiGi’s in golden valley. i had the wedding cake and it was devoured in a hot minute.

birthday weekend

monday aka BIRTHDAY!: i have decided that i don’t work on my birthday, so i took the day off. i highly recommend this. just saying. [B] and i had a coffee date at Caribou, then i watched a really terrible Lifetime movie and snuggled with starksthepup; then was off to MOA to meet my best friend for lunch and do a little shopping. when [B] got home from work we watched an episode of House of Cards (sidenote: SO obsessed with show right now. we are in ep 4 of season 2. SO good.) and then we went to my absolute favorite restaurant, Chino Latino – the food, the drinks, the people watching. love it all.

birthday weekend // chino latino

birthday weekend // chino latino

and with that, i am officially 25. 24 was a good one, but i have a feeling this one will be even more fabulous.




meanwhile in minnesota // spring has arrived

yesterday felt like friday which means today was supposed to be saturday. but things didn’t exactly work out that way. [lamesauce] in other news, spring has ((finally)) arrived here in the wonderful state of minnesota. it was just a few short weeks ago i was writing about our plentiful snow fall; and even last week there was snow while i was exploring the lands of canada. but i do believe that spring has arrived and it is here to stay. (i hope) which aside from the fact that my allergies are annoying, means only good things.

sunshine, long walks with the pup, ((my birthday)), reading on the deck, running outside, flip flops, driving with the windows down, eating on patios. all fun things. seeing as it was gorgeous out yesterday B and i went on a nice long walk with starksthepup. it was made a little extra long by the fact that i needed to get some more steps in to ensure i would reach 10,000 (which i did). looking forward to reinstating that little activity after work most days now, especially because i am done traveling until june. believe it or not, starksthepup certainly doesn’t believe it, but i am most pleased with getting back into a routine and spending time with my boys.

hope the sun is shining where ever you are! xoxo

meanwhile in minnesota

fitness // first outdoor run of the season

i have been seriously loving this gorgeous weather that has been gracing minnesota lately. i think i forgot how nice fresh air is; and how fun it is to go outside and not need a coat; or to not need to crank the heat as soon as i get in the car? ahhh life’s simple pleasures. i’m a runner. well, at least i call myself one. i think i fit enough of the description… i run. and i love to sport sassy workout tees. so there’s that. i have done a 5K, 10K and 2 half marathons. . i have zero desire to ever do a full. a half marathon is my jam and i’m cool with that.

i’ve been cooped up running at Lifetime Fitness in MG and i just loathe running on a treadmill. it’s so boring. and you don’t go anywhere. and i’m overly aware of how long i’ve been running/ how long i have yet to go. so i was uber jazzed to kick off outdoor running season yesterday evening. i dragged starks the pup along with me. after a full weekend of playing with my family in AL, he was tuckered out by about mile 1.5. he rallied pretty well, but he was struggling that last mile. not to mention he has to pause ever 5 feet to pee on something. but it was a nice distraction to have him with and as my old babysitter would say, good for him to be outside and “blow his stink off.”  after we conquered that run, we kicked it on the deck and enjoyed the nice evening, because as we Minnesotans know, this weather is in no way guaranteed to stay.

fitness // first run of the season (maple grove)

fitness // first run of the season (maple grove)

fitness // first run of the season (maple grove)

fitness // first run of the season (maple grove)