tis the season // deck the halls and trim the tree

tis the season // deck the halls and decorate the tree

tis the season // deck the halls and trim the tree

tis the season // deck the halls and decorate the tree tis the season // deck the halls and decorate the treetis the season // deck the halls and decorate the treetis the season // deck the halls and decorate the treetis the season // deck the halls and decorate the treetis the season // deck the halls and decorate the treetis the season // deck the halls and decorate the treetis the season // deck the halls and decorate the tree

16 more sleeps until santa gets here, friends. can you believe it? i am beyond behind on my christmas shopping but am in full swing in getting into the holiday spirit. festive caribou holiday drinks + christmas stations on pandora + christmas cookie candles + christmas movies + (spiked) hot chocolate + and so on. i love all these things, but what i love more than most anything is decorating the house and especially the christmas tree.

[b] and i went to the tree lot last sunday when it was a balmy 9 below zero. so our decision was made quickly and soon enough our frasier fur was strapped on top of clifford. we decorated the house that night and listened to christmas music and it was wonderful. [b] left the next day for a work trip and left me put the lights on the tree. it took 2 nights; 1 anxiety attack; several glasses of wine; arm and handfulls of cuts and scrapes and sap and lots of support from #starksthepup i did it. 1430 lights. yes, fourteen hundreded and thirty lights. [last year we had 1600 so i’m feeling a little bit like a slacker. BUT i didn’t blow a fuse this year; so i might consider that a win]

and it looked beautiful. this weekend when [b]s mom and cousin were in town we finished the job and put all the decorations and it was perfect. can’t wait to sit in front of it in the mornings and enjoy my coffee. merry christmas, friends.

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this morning, with him, having coffee

johnny and june cash

love and coffee

love and coffee

[b] and i share a love for coffee. weekend mornings we can most likely be found at a caribou sipping on the seasonal favorite and taking #bouface selfies. there’s something about a coffee shop that’s just cozy. even if we’re both on our laptops or phones crushing candies while we’re there hanging out it’s some of my favorite times. something we like to do together.

at the old house this enjoyable activity was limited to weekends only. [b] or i would sometimes make coffee durning the week but we had to the leave house so early because of crappy commutes that it was almost always taken to-go. one of the many things i love about our new house is that we both have a short commute. there are oodles of good things that come from this; we’re not as rushed in the morning to try and “beat” traffic (which never worked – 494 is the worst), we’re not stuck in hours of traffic on the way home which just makes you uber cranky by the time you get home. it’s glorious and makes you realize how much a shitty commute can really affect your attitude.

but [probably] my most favorite thing that has come from this is that we get to spend time together in the morning. we’ve eaten breakfast together more in the past 2 months than we ever did in a year and a half at the old house. and almost every morning we have coffee. [b] gets up with the chickens at unforsaken times like 4 in the morning so he’s usually/always the one to make the coffee. sometimes we enjoy our coffee seperately while we’re getting ready. but some days, like this morning, we get to sit together [with #starksthepup] and watch tv and look at save the dates on pinterest and enjoy our coffee together before we started our day. nothing else mattered, no anxiety, no worry, no stress, just us. and those moments, with him, having coffee that make me feel so blessed to get to do life with that guy.

you’ll always be my baby

you'll always be my baby

good evening, fine folks. pardon my absence (again) and (again). lots of life going on right now. big things. exciting things. stressful things. i miss my blog. i miss sharing my story. i’ve got to catch you up on the wedding, the new house, dealing with my anxiety, etc. but for tonight, a love story of a girl and her pup.

[b] is traveling abroad for the next couple of weeks. (have i mentioned before that he has a blog, too? check it out here) which really bums me out. he’s my other half. my source of strength. my reminder that things will be ok. which i’ve needed a lot lately. thanks to the wonders of technology and FaceTime, i get to communicate with him quite a bit, which makes it easier. but what helps even more is having starksthepup. he’s my baby and my favorite non-human. i love him more than i ever could have imagined. even at the times when he’s being a lunatic; like when he runs through the screen door, or won’t stop pacing around, and when we go for a walk and he has to stop and either smell or pee on EVERYTHING, or when he does that high pitch whining noise in the car… even with all those things he makes my heart full every day. every morning when i wake up he is snuggling right next to me (sometimes with his face IN my face – that’s precious) and when i come home from work he is thrilled just to see me. and wants nothing more than to have his belly rubbed and play ball. and eat treats, too of course.

tonight we went on a 2 mile run (more like a jog, let’s be honest) and came back home and played ball in the backyard for almost an hour. and for that hour i wasn’t thinking about anything, or worried about anything, or sad about anything, or anxious about anything. i was happy. that pup is my baby. and he’s the cutest, smartest, more adorable pup you ever did meet. thanks for being there for me, pup, physically at least – because seriously you make the worst guard dog ever. thank goodness you’re cute.

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