why iBlog

i started my first blog in january 2010. tales of a girl, emma. i had no idea what i was doing; if i would keep it up; why i was doing it. all i knew is i loved writing. it was my favorite and most effective way to express myself. i was 20 years old. a junior in college. and in the midst of figuring out what life after college would hold. i tried to journal. i tried and have continue to try several times. but the problem is my hand couldn’t write as fast as my mind could think. i thought about blogging because i can type faster than i can write. but what would i have to blog about? what do i have to say? who would care? who would read it? it wasn’t until i got rid of those questions that i truly understood blogging.

i blog because i have a story to tell. my story. i have a voice. and i want to share it. my blog is mine. for me. to share my story with the world. i don’t care if 1 person reads my post or 100 people read it. it doesn’t matter. i blog for me and i blog for others. i blog because i am part of something that is bigger than me. i blog because i love to write. i blog for the same reasons as singers write songs, musicians play, artists create. why do i blog? because i enjoy it.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

“Write, write yourself alive.” —Jacques Roubaud

“I write because there is a voice inside me that refuses to be still.” – Sylvia Plath

i love sharing my story. because it’s a story worth sharing. not that i am special; but because we all have a story to tell. and i want mine to be heard, to be documented, to be alive. i write to get out feelings that are buried deep and unable to unearth them without putting them down in writing. i write to express myself in ways in which i otherwise could not.

when you enter in the the blogging world, you enter into a community of people who are essentially like you. we come from different backgrounds and we have different struggles, but our medium for expressing them is the same. a screen and a keyboard. it’s crazy that you can become enthralled in the stories of people who you don’t know and will never meet. when you read a post you can relate to, it’s an incredible, instantaneous bond that “i’m not the only one!” and if even one person can find that through one of my posts, than that is amazing.

why do iBlog? because there is a voice in me that won’t keep quiet. there is a story that can’t go untold. and this is my way of telling it. <3