full of thanks and unbelievably blessed

imagetoday and every day i am thankful for the abundant blessings i have in my life. sometimes in the midst of the day to day living, we tend to overlook and under appreciate what we have. i am certainly guilty of this, but hope and pray that i always be aware and be thankful for how wonderful my life is. i give thanks today, and every day to God for the wonderful blessings i have been given. i wish you all a wonderful day filled with love, food, family, friends, football, laughter, smiles and may you always be thankful for this fabulous life. happy thanksgiving, lovelies. xoxo

dear God, i want to take a minute, not to ask for anything but to simply thank you for all i have.


for the opportunity to speak at EXHIBITOR and share my passion with others

for sunrises and sunsets; and the many i’ve got to see from all parts of the US

for my health and the ability to run a half marathon

for the many experiences and travels i’ve got to go on

for wine

for puppy kisses

for networking with others and getting to be part of a conference i love

for cupcakes

for all my wonderful friends

for manicures and for pedicures

for wine

for letters from my dear neighbor

for caribou

for my family; who i love more than anything

for 2 o’clock tea time

for birthdays and weddings

for my blog

for the love of my life.

full of thanks and oh so blessed

tis the season to be thankful. and i have so many blessings to be thankful for. so many wonderful things and people in my life. and i thank God for them on this Thanksgiving eve, and everyday. and pray that i never take any of them for granted. i wish you all a happy, healthy, full of yummy foodfull day. xoxo

for my friends. who make me smile, laugh, and are always amazing.

for my new coach purse. i feel so grown up and stylin’ and like i’m part of a secret club of cool coach wearing ladies

for starks who i get to pretend sometimes is my dog and makes my smile with a tilt of his head and that damn giraffe

for cute boots and cozy scarves season

for minnesota

for living in a county where i get to have a vote in things

for my blog

for pinterest and the hours of laughter it provides

for the amazing experience i have coming up, speaking at EXHIBITOR2013

for wine

for my family

for brandon

for manicures

for spoonfuls of peanut butter

for insotonix

for mornings that start with holiday drinks

for my bomb.com coworkers and all the ridiculousness that happens here

for my fab apartment

for diet coke