holiday eats {kringla}

i have never found a good kringla recipe out there, so i wanted to share my family’s. kringla is one of my absolute favorite holiday treats and also one that many people have never heard of… at least those who don’t live in southern minnesota. it’s a Scandinavian pastry and a nordic variety of the pretzle, which is quite evident in it’s shape. it’s sweet with a hint of almond. light and fluffy. and my mom and i have been making kringla for the holidays for a long time. it’s a little bit of a tradition. i’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest of treats to make. however, i can do it, so i have faith in all of you. the trickiness lies in the rolling. it takes a few times to get the hang of it, but take heart friends, you will get it. and will reap the delicious rewards of your labor. (it helps to play christmas music and wear a festive apron… just saying.) below are some photographic evidence and examples of how to make kringla. as well as a short video for your viewing enjoyment. :) and with this, i get to cross one of my “to-do’s” off my christmas list! boom.


Momma Dahl’s Kringla Recipe

Kringla Ingredients

my festive holiday apron :)

Mixing up the batter

Skip the tools, manual mixing is necessary.

thumbs up for baking

teaching brandon to make kringla :)

it’s Kringla time.


start with a ball, turn it in to a rope, form the kringla.

Kingla = accomplished.


((merry)) christmas roundup

can you believe that christmas has come and gone?! i sure can’t. and that it will be 2012 in a matter of days?! bananas. i had another great christmas “break.” i use the term break lightly, because as a recent college grad i am accustomed to a month off, not just one day. i digress. i did have a lovely christmas’. here’s a lil bit more about them:

friday: FESTIVUS

 it just so happens to work that the day that we get together for christmas with my mom’s side of the family continues to fall on festivus. and if you don’t know what festivus is. shame on you. read here. we headed down to my aunts house in emmons and enjoyed lots of delicious appetizers and wine while catching up and dinner was finishing. dinner was delicious, oh so delicious. it was actually my grandma who was the one to ask, “is it time to open presents yet?” :) so then it was present time. i scored a victorias secret gift card and mints, santa actually dropped by a present for me and my brothers as well, one of my fave gifts, a tee that says, kiss my sass. classic. after presents were opened we attempted to play a game called the last word. it was a noble effort, and resulted in MANY laughs and inappropriate jokes. always a good time!!


saturday: christmas eve

i honestly do not remember what i did during the day… hmmm… laundry? either way. at 5:00 we went to church. and there were many, many distractions. first of all, we have this star at our church that was made and donated to us. it’s big and beautiful and at the end of the serve they turn off the lights, shine the spotlight on it and we sing silent night. WELL, right before the first service of christmas eve the star came crashing down! thankfully no one was hurt, except the star. it left a little hole in my christmas eve as well. second, the were ALOT of kids there. screaming and crying; hard to concentrate. and third; during the lights out of singing silent night a bat decided to make its debut. yikes. after church we went over to grandma’s to hang out with the dahl gang. we nixed doing a plated dinner, because it was too hard with everyone’s schedule and with the little kids. so we just have a ton of apps and drinks and we call it christmas eve. lots of yummy food and oyster stew! present time is so fun to watch all the little kids get uber excited about their gifts! i miss those days, when you opened it up and it was like the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life! my little cousins brent and cole sang to us too, so cute.

after that all wrapped up i was feeling kinna tired, but i had been the one to say i wanted to go to 11:00pm church. because it really is my absolute favorite service of the year. but i was just ready for bed then. however, when my grandma said she was going to stay up and go, i thought, i have no excuse. and i am really glad that i went, because i got so much more out of it that i did at the 5:00 service. much less distractions (still no star). but when it’s done, its christmas!


sunday: merry christmas!

one of my all time, absolute, hands down, favorite traditions. for as long as i can remember we have done the exact same thing every christmas day. when we all wake up (i am usually the last one) we head downstairs and open our presents from santa! after of course taking the traditional stocking pic:

after santa presents we have our christmas breakfast: monkey bread, fruit and fruit dip, egg bake, orangle julius (memosas added this year). so delicious and unhealthy and enjoyable. usually we do a pretty good job at cleaning house, too.

after breakfast we bring down the presents from under the tree. again, one at a time we open them up. one of my most favorite things is watching someone open a present i bought for them that i really know they are going to love. love love love it. this year i was most excited for my mom to open hers; id made her a shutterfly scrapbook of our trip to new york. :) she loved it, of course. and now i really want one for myself. i got some great presents this year as well — i didn’t want much, which just means that i loved everything i got! funny how that part changes as you get older.

we cleaned up and played some wii for a bit; blowing and this sword game. my hand eye coordination leaves a lot to be desired, but it was fun! then, seeing as it was 47 degrees on christmas(!!!!) my mom and i headed out for a walk. such a gorgeous day.

give the amazingness of the weather, and that we live in minnesota, my brothers and dad had to document how crazy bananas it is that we have no snow. so we found a picture from christmas 2009, when we had TONS of it, and the replicated it. :) so fantastic.

then, it was time to get our christmas dinner/supper ready. pork tenderloin with a maple mustard sauce, green bean casserole, corn, buns, lefse, strawberry salad. oh. my. yum. it only comes once a year, but it’s so worth the wait.

such a great day; just us. these past couple years we’ve adding going to a movie to the tradition. this year we saw mission impossible 2: ghost protocol. it was legit.

and then, in classic dahl style once we got home we took down all the christmas decorations. :)

Hope you all had a very, merry, holly, jolly christmas!

third annual ((dad & emma)) day

one of my favorite days of the year. started 3 years ago, dad and emma day is now an annual and highly anticipated day. on the 1st or 2nd friday in december my dad makes the journey up to the big city. and, since we are fans of tradition – and the first year went over like gangbusters – we have left the itinerary virtually unchanged. here’s how it goes:

dad comes and picks me up and we head to downtown minneapolis for breakfast. years one and two our breakfast spot was the always delicious, Hell’s Kitchen. we enjoyed french toast, eggs benedict and their epic hot chocolate. a big hit. this year, however, we decided to go crazy and venture to another spot for our dining pleasure. not like there aren’t a million other places for an awesome breakfast in minneapolis… so i did some research and we landed on the 8th Street Grill. and oh. my. yum. we started off our meal with a couple of bloody mary’s (in the words of my dad, we are on vacation!) which we quite delectable. and since everything on the menu sounded amazing, we decided that i would get the eggs benedict, and dad would get the granola cinnamon french toast, and we’d split them. note to anyone who can cook: adding granola takes the french toast to a whole other level. wow. oh so good. 

after breakfast we headed to barnes and noble to get dad’s calendar for work. they didn’t have his usual calendar but we found one that would suffice. afterwards we headed to macy’s to check out santaland. we made this part of the tradition back in year one, since macy’s created a new theme each year. well, ever since we started our tradition, the theme has remained the same, “a day in the life of an elf.” it’s really great, don’t get me wrong, but it woulda been cool to see a new one each year. either way, we tried to go last year but the line was insaneulous! so we tried again this year and made it through! and afterwards we treated ourselves to a sugar cookie from mrs. claus’ kitchen. that lady sure knows how to bake a cookie! then we went to the men’s department to get dad his christmas sweater (no, not a cheeseballs sweater, just a sweater that he will wear at christmas time). we found one that looked good and then i went and picked out a piece of jewelry. and gawked over the LV and Coach handbags.

then it was off to the IDS building to get some christmas drinks at starbucks, take out picture by the tree, and sit and people watch. and eat some lemon cake too, because it had been like an hour since we ate breakfast… and we are on vacation. then we got lost in the midst of all the skyways so we headed out to target and looked around for a bit. maybe its just me, but 2 story targets just seem so much cooler than other ones. and then, sadly, it’s time to call it a morning.

it truly is one of my most favorite days of the year. i love living in minneapolis, but i sure do miss home and time with my family. and i definitely am daddy’s little princess, and am so blessed to have such a great dad. since our times together are getting farther between, i treasure them all the more. and love these little traditions that we make and look forward to carrying them on for a very, very long time. love you daddy – thanks for a great day!