the story of our wedding // part 1 {the engagement}

the story of our wedding

our story began 1 year, 8 months, and 1 day ago with life changing french toast.{you can read about the beginning of our story here} i spent the spent the next 1 year, 6 months and 2 days writing that story with my boyfriend. and then 2 months and 2 days ago, on the gorgeous island of sint eustatius our story turned another page; my boyfriend became my fiancé. and i became the happiest girl in the world. our story continues here. part 1 – the engagement.

it was the final day of what had been an incredible vacation; a week in the Caribbean with [b] and my family just relaxing and enjoying our time together. it had been wonderful.  had i wondered if perhaps this would be the trip that [b] would pop the question? of course. relaxing vacay; beautiful views; my family was there – i mean jackpot right? but i decided to not think about it. i didn’t want to be hanging on every moment wondering – is this it? but of course, i still wondered maybe… until that morning, swinging in the hammock with he when he said…”so cliche to get engaged in paradise, right?” ((background: my cousin and his wife got engaged in statia years ago and we were chatting about it with my aunt and uncle the night before)) i sarcastically responded, “sure…” and thought to myself, well… not this trip.

my mom, dad, brothers and uncle had gone out snorkeling, my aunt was working at the shop and [b] and i had stayed back. he was camped out inside (he’s not a fan of sun) and  i had set up shop with an ocean view, sunshine, my kindle and a diet coke. it was overcast and [b] came out to chat for a little bit, until that pesky sun came out again. i went back to reading and was in the midst of taking a selfie to snap to my dear tashy, continuing to rub it in that i was on vacay, when he came back out and sat next to me.

we started talking about what a great trip it had been when it started to sprinkle, so we started talking about pina coladas and getting caught in the rain – yes the jimmy Buffett Rupert Holmes song. and [b] was educating me on the fact that the song was actually about a husband and wife that were trying to cheat on each other, but they ended up together so it was cool. romantic, right? then he took my phone to take a picture of us, yes a selfie, which was nothing out of the ordinary. he took a couple pictures and then he shifted (to get down on one knee) and something sparkly caught my eye. and then i heard, “i’m not so good at speeches, will you marry me?” i said yes, immediately and then proceeded to stare at the ring, with no more words, other than repeating yes. was real life? truth be told i have no idea of anything he said after he asked, i was in my own world of happiness realizing that i was going to get to marry my best friend, my rock, my person, and i was going to get to spend the rest of my life continuing to fall for him every day. as my dear friend would say, it was everything i never knew i always wanted. 

we got to spend the next little while just the two of us, enjoying the moment, letting it all sink in and realizing that [b] had photographed him asking; so on top of a wonderful moment, we have pictures to remember it even more. we emailed a picture to [b]’s momma and waited until the family got back from snorkeling to tell them. i had these grand ideas about fun ways to tell them, but i pretty much just shoved my hand in their face and said GUESS WHAT!? thankfully [b] was able to capture those moments. that night watching the sunset, toasting with prosecco, i was full of pure joy and happiness. i could not have imagined a more way to start this next chapter of our lives. i simply couldn’t be happier.

the story of our wedding

but first, let me take a selfie.

the story of our wedding YES.

the story of our wedding

we’re getting married!

the story of our wedding

simply couldn’t be happier

the story of our wedding

carter’s reaction was priceless

the story of our wedding

toasting to [b] and i – bling front and center, of course

the story of our wedding

the story of our wedding

the story of our wedding

the story of our wedding

the story of our wedding

the story of our wedding

i cant wait to share this story with you as we venture towards our happily ever after. stay tuned for part 2 of our wedding story: {a girl and her bling}. whats your story? i would love to hear it :)

what happens on the cruise… {stays on my blog}

prelude: my journey to my first ever cruise began with 2 other trips. one down south to san antonio and one to miami. since there was mere hours that separated these trips from the epic cruise, i feel compelled to add them to my post.

note: i am finishing off my first full week of work since the middle of november. just kidding but seriously. so, my brain is fried and my creativity is lacking. therefore, my post will be spoken predominately through pics. after all, they are worth 1,000 words, right? plus they are more fun to look at than listening to me jibber jabber. enjoy, friends. xoxo

stop 1: san antonio, tx

my company’s annual user conference is taking place down south this year. my boss and i went down to tour the place and get a feel of what to expect when planning. one night we’re taking all the attendees to a legit working ranch. when megs and i went to visit we got to pose on a real deal texas style longhorn. yeeee haaaaw y’all. t-minus 7 months till this bomb{dot}com event takes place. gotta get my spurs ready.


ridin’ a texas long horn, view from my room, strawberry jalepeno margarita

stop 2: miami (bitch)

hours, literally hours, after arriving home from texas i was at the airport to head to miami. there’s more of a story there, another time. another place. only thing that matters is that i made it and my boyfriend is ahhhmazing. i took a couple extra days off from work to head down to miami so i could get ready for the cruise and to spend some time with my cousin and her family that live there. after some frigid temps in minnesota lately, i was jazzed to start defrosting in the sunshine. it was so much fun to spend some fabulous quality time with my cousin and her lil diva daughter sabine. thanks so much for having me stay with you guys! miss you already! xoxo


palm trees & sunshine, ziggy, sabine & me cheesin’

stop 3: carnival destiny

got boarded and such and it was time to say deuces to the real world and prepare for 5 days of being forced to relax, disconnect and be on vacay. this was my first cruise, and i truly had no idea what to expect. i was more than pleasantly surprised. the trip was fantastic. full of sunshine, drinks, dancing, new friends, a beautiful wedding, relaxing, lots of eating and taking in every moment. needless to say, i’m a cruise fan. while it was nice to get back on land. and have a normal size bed. i will definitely be going on another cruise one day. bon voyage!


fun with the girls over the week :)

stop 3: jamaica (we have a bob sled team)

our first port of call was to jamaica. let’s see, if i could sum up jamaica in a word, it’d be sketch. i was forewarned of the shiftiness of the characters in this place, and it was no exaggeration.  we spent the whole time just lounging on the beach, admiring the view and soaking in the rays. mostly because we wanted to get our tan on and be lazy and also because it was one of the only places we would feel safe.


beach, jamaica, girls

stop 4: grand cayman (wedding bells)

the other port of call was the grand caymans. in a word, beautiful. the views are just unreal and the water is the bluest of blues. this is where the wedding of my dear lil monster, katie tied the knot. it was a breathtaking setting. right by the beach. and she looked absolutely stunning. the ceremony was short but sweet. and a wonderful cherry on top of an already great trip. so blessed to be part of this wonderful day. we spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine and sandy beaches as well as some local carribean jerk chicken. nom nom nom. the next day was the final day on the ship and we spent the day on the deck hanging out and enjoying some beverages. it was a really fun trip, but after nearly 2 straight weeks of travel, i was ready to be home. until my next cruise…


wedding: ceremony, bride and groom


raise your glass ((the toast i couldn’t say))

… because i would have been a weeping pile of tears. this weekend, i went to the most beautiful, perfect, wonderful wedding. you can read more here. i gave a short and sweet toast at the reception, i had so much more i wanted to say, but i wanted to keep things moving, and i started getting choked up in just 2 minutes. here’s the toast i couldn’t give…

almost 2 years ago to this very day, i met brooke and mike for the first time. i was on a 10 day roadtrip a group of people i had just met. honestly, i had no idea what i was getting myself into. the only other girl on this trip was brooke and i remember checking up on her on Facebook to see what she was all about; trying to determine if we would get along or not. that trip ended up being the most unforgettable time. if you want to find a best friend, just go to Las Vegas and party it up because by the end of those 10 days brooke and i went from being complete strangers to being completely inseparable. from trying to make small talk to cuddling in the backseat of the car watching Criminal Minds. from not knowing each other to being, “the 2 best friends that anyone could have.” i just met this girl, and i felt like i’d known her my whole life. we are similar in many ways: our unbreakable bond with our families, our faith, our obsession with pasta, our passion for scrapbooking, our dorky sense of humor, our complete lack for any sense of direction and our love for wine.

after that trip i continued to get to know brooke and mike more and more. i was ecstatic when they moved to farmington last year since it meant they were so much closer to me. we have dinner dates (they cook) and movie nights and i enjoy every time that is spent with them. in just 2 short years, 2 people that were strangers have become 2 of my best friends; and my life is so much more blessed with them in it. as most of us here would agree, you are both 2 of the most kind, genuine, selfless, hard working, determined, amazing people i have been lucky enough to know. i cant even being to say thank you for all you have helped me through. no matter how hectic your schedules – you have always made time. we have had some unforgettable moments together; we have laughed, cried, danced, drank, traveled, struggled and succeeded together. there are countless stories that will remembered forever (and some i wish we could all just forget…)

i know that there are no “perfect couples” but you 2 have been perfectly made for each other. i could not be happier for you both, and i am so glad that i got to be here and part of this special day. i can’t wait to watch the next chapter of your journey unfold and to see you continue to grow in love. i wish you both a lifetime of happiness, because you deserve nothing less. i thank God for blessing you in my life – because it would not be the same without you in it. i love you – cheers!

Brooke Marie & Michael Joseph Carr

June 2, 2012