wknd recap // little brothers prom

currently sitting here waiting to board my connection from Detroit to Buffalo with a final destination of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada with a shoddy wireless connection, thus I am writing this from my fancy iPhone. And so it shall be short and sweet.

I had a lovely weekend that was full of family, diet coke, rain, wine and pictures. I headed back down to the dirrty south of albert lea Friday afternoon to be home for the young pups senior prom. Cannot believe he’s gonna be graduating in just over a month. I was so happy to get to be there to overwhelm him and his lovely girlfriend with an obnoxious amount of pictures. Got a little teary thinking about how grown up my notsobaby brother is. And also realizing that my senior prom was 7 years ago. Back when we took pictures on digital cameras. And took selfies before selfies were a thing. Cray.

Always hard I leave my family even though this was the 3rd weekend in a row id spent with them. But I had to head back up to see [b] and #starksthepup and pack. Yayyyy. Thankfully this is the last trip for about a month. I think #starksthepup is the most excited about this. He was not pleased as I left this morning.

wknd recap // carters senior prom

wknd recap // carters senior prom

wknd recap // carters senior prom

wknd recap // carters senior prom

hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a glorious start to your week.


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