our angel in the sky ((Haley Ellen))

nearly 19 years ago, an angel was taken from my family. Haley Ellen was born asleep on May 2nd and i lost my sister. i was four years old at the time, and couldn’t make much sense of it. nor do i really remember much of anything besides what i’ve seen in pictures. throughout this past year i’ve felt an indescribable connection with my baby sister. i can’t put it into words, but i’ve been undeniably aware that she’s around. last night i had the most beautiful dream of her. many of the details are vague but we were reunited together. she looked a lot like me, a little darker hair and petite. blue eyes, dark blonde hair. and the sweetest thing you’ve ever met. this is the first time i can remember having a dream of her; i’ve thought of her tons, but never had a full dream with her. i woke up with my eyes full of tears and a smile in my heart. she knew i needed her; that i needed to be reminded that she is there, watching over me and the rest of the family. that everything will be ok.

isn’t it strange how you can miss someone so much that you never met. we had to say goodbye before we got the chance to say hello. i believe that things happen for a reason; but i don’t know that i will ever understand why she was taken so quickly. i suppose that God needed a beautiful angel right away. and if we would have to to keep her, i might not have my little brother. things have a way of working out the way they were supposed to, which is often not the way we thought way would. but God has a bigger, better plan. but wow, do i miss her. i know she is up there though; hanging out with gpa marlo & gpa paul, cousin dana, and neighbor lorraine. looking down and smiling. thank you for reminding me you’re there, our little angel in the sky. i love you bunches. xoxo

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