the story before the story // happy 30th anniversary mom and dad

happy 30th anniversary mom and dad

30 years ago today, my story became a possibility. two people, having only known each other for 6 months but trusting in love got married. and this is their story.

PicMonkey Collage4they met on a blind date. she lived in minneapolis; he lived in albert lea. they dated for 3 months. one day, on the front steps of his house; he asked her a question. “so, do you think we’re going to be together for awhile?” she answered, “well yes, i hope so.” disappearing for a moment he returned with a ring. 3 months later they said ‘i do’ and started on to write the rest of their story.

happy 30th anniversary mom and dad

the years that followed brought change, joy, heartache, happiness, struggle, growth, blessings and so much love. in those 30 years they had 3 children and 1 angel left up above watching over them. there were 6 graduations. there were dozens of family vacations. most of which were enjoyable. (except for the one when dad wanted to leave spencer at the black hills… or when i slammed my head into the side of the car… or when carter was crying because we were picking on him). more than anything, the 30 years that followed that day, november 24, 1984, brought family.

happy 30th anniversary mom and dad

as i’m in the midst of planning my wedding, i can’t help but imagine what life might be like 30 years from now. no one can know for certain but one thing i wish for is a family like the one that my mom and dad created. a family where you support each other no matter what, a family where you are there to celebrate in life’s most important events, a family that is ridicucously good looking and sarcastic. and a home that is always welcoming filled with people who you might not like all the time, but that you love always. a family that knows that we might not have it all together, but together we have it all.

happy 30th anniversary mom and dadmomma and daddy; thank you. thank you for building a home and a family that makes it so fun to get together and so hard to say goodbye to. thank you for raising me to be the woman i am; strong, faithful, determined and sassy. thank you for supporting me in everything and anything i do. every move i make (literally), every success i have, and every heartache i feel. you two are the best support system i could ever imagine. love you to the moon and back forever. xoxo

happy 30th wedding anniversary

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